As holidays, birthdays and special occasions approach, we start to scramble, trying to decide what to get for our loved ones. If you have any gear heads or car enthusiasts to shop for, consider some of these simple automotive upgrades.

Gift giving ideas for car guys - Back-up Camera

Backup Camera

A backup camera can come in handy on any type of vehicle. Many back up cams include lines on the screen to project the vehicles direction based on how the wheel is turned. They can also be equipped with audible tones to indicate if you are too close to something. Backup cams have several ways to display the screen. Some are built into an aftermarket review mirror. Others can mount onto the dashboard, and some can connect to radios that allow video input.

Gift giving ideas for car guys - Power Programmers

Power Programmer

Power programmers are a perfect buy for someone looking to get the most out of their car or truck. This plug-n-play device connect directly to the vehicle’s OBD II diagnostic port. It will reprogram your onboard computer to optimize for towing, high performance, economy, etc.

Gift giving ideas for car guys - seat covers

Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great investment in keeping your car seats looking brand new. There are many styles available to choose from, some can even provide extra padding or back support. Seat covers make a for a great gift for someone who is always on the go.

gift ideas for car guys - floor matsFloormats and Liners

With winter almost here it is important to protect against salt and water damage to the carpet on the floors of our cars. Liners or a good floor mat will collect all of water left behind from melting snow, leaving the carpets stain and odor free.

gift ideas for car guys - tonneau coversBed liners and tonneau covers

If you know anyone with a new truck, and can’t decide on a gift. Consider a bed liner or toneau cover. Bed liners will keep the truck bed looking brand new, protecting from scratches small dents and rust. The addition of a bed cover will help to keep the inside of the bed clean as well as protect your possessions from wondering eyes and potential theft. There and many looks and different materials to choose from, such as a solid cap or a simple Velcro cover.

Gift ideas for car guys - car top racksRacks

Roof mount racks and trailer hitch racks are perfect easy install accessory for anyone who likes to travel or for those who need to carry construction or trade-related gear.

Designed for many different uses for handling diffrent weights, these functional upgrades are perfect for suitcases, camping or sporting gear, and tools and equipment. Adding a rack can also give the vehicle a new look.

gift ideas for car guys - headlight and tailightsHeadlights and Taillights

There are many choices of aftermarket headlight and taillight upgrades for just about all cars and trucks. Most of which come at a reasonable price. A new set of stylish taillights and brighter LED or xenon headlights will improve functionality and give the car a new look.

Gift ideas for car guys - fog lights & light racksFog Lights Light Bars and More

Any truck or Jeep enthusiast loves to outfit their ride with additional lights. Weather upgrading headlights and taillights, or adding in some fog lights and brighter reverse lights. A popular look taking over the roads is the roof mount light bar. These make for great visibility over longer distances and are long lasting.

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