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About Us

WunderCarParts LLC & WCPDIESEL is one of the top emerging online retailers of automotive parts and accessories. With over 10 years of experience in the automotive replacement and aftermarket parts industry, we strive to bring you the highest quality products from the most trusted brands, all at the lowest prices guaranteed. Whether you are a dealer, end-user, off-roader, racer, hauler, or daily driver, WunderCarParts LLC & WCPDIESEL has the car, truck and SUV parts you need at the prices you want.

We are a Detroit, Michigan based company, birthplace of quality American Automobiles. We have expanded our supply chain to over 50 warehouses across the country in an effort to provide extremely fast and accurate shipping on every order regardless of destination location. We also strongly strive to always pay for your UPS Ground shipping when we can.

(WCPDiesel is a division of WunderCarParts that concentrates on Everything Diesel.)

Quality Products & Best Shopping Experience

Our mission is to have a company that provides the very best product in our industry and elevates the auto parts online purchasing experience in the eyes of the general public.

Our Commitment to Our Visitors

Our mission is to bring you a well-written, interesting, accurate, and informative website that will peak your auto parts interest, knowledge, and overall experience to make the decision process more enjoyable for you should you decide to buy.

Our Commitment to Our Shoppers

Our mission is to offer you the lowest possible pricing on every product we endorse and to always attempt to deliver them to you free of charge and in a timely manner.

Our Commitment to Our Staff

Our mission is to provide an environment in which you will grow, prosper, enjoy, and fulfill your potential in order to accomplish our missions to our shoppers and visitors.

Message from the Owner:

"My goal is to have WunderCarParts & WCPDIESEL be like the Mom and Pop stores of yesteryear where personalized customer service was considered the most important aspect of the business."

Brad B.,

WunderCarParts LLC & WCPDIESEL